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Everett, MA Phone: () E-Mail: [email protected] sales Social Media. Website Design and Development by. Mass Locked is a status effect for ships which inhibits Frame Shift Drive function. Below a certain altitude above a planet, Mass Lock also applies only to Hyperspace jumps when Supercruise or Glide is active.

Being affected by Mass Lock Factor (MLF) drastically increases the. Mass Lock Munitions is a special effect that has a chance of being applied to a weapon as a result of applying weapon modifications. They are experimental warheads incorporating frame shift technology. Successful detonation significantly inhibits charging for Supercruise.

Mass Lock is a factor that affects your FSD drive. You probably noticed that you need to be a certain distance away from a station in order to charge your FSD. 21 reviews of Mass Lock "I have used mass lock for over 20 years. Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul and Emily are all great to work with. (Almost Everyone is named Paul.

I flew--boosting all the way--in the opposite direction to anything and everything in that RES, and the game still insisted I was mass locked. MLF; mass lock factor. I checked manual, and there is nothing written about it as far as I can tell. Maybe it is called something different in the.

You can get around the mass lock from a station you just undocked from by quitting to the main menu then immediately going back into the. Been mass locked for like a week now, anyone know how to get rid of this? I've tried everything I could find by googling. Literally, I've spent. It means you are too close to a mass large enough the prevent you from engaging Frameshift or hyperdrive.

eg being too close to a station will.


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